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    Vacuum evaporation-concentration system

    Titanium liquid vacuum concentration

    The purpose of vacuum concentration is to concentrate titanium solution to the correct concentration so that solid particles of the appropriate size can be produced upon hydrolysis and have the appropriate pigment characteristics of the final product.In order to enhance the efficiency of single-effect evaporator, part of secondary steam is used for heating,and the cycle of secondary steam can ensure the temperature requirement of the process, up to 65℃.Evaporation is performed under negative pressure(lower temperature system) to prevent early hydrolysis of soluble TiO g


    Product features

    ●High energy efficiency

    ●Low end temperature

    ●Compact structure of equipment

    ●Small footprint and low running cost


    Product Application

    6-effect and 11-effect evaporation system for artificial fiber manufacturing, Vacuum concentration of titanium dioxide

    Vacuum evaporation-concentration system

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